It’s happening. 

The John Lewis advert has made its first heart-rending appearance, the supermarkets are awash with tins of confectionery and it is only a matter of time before an over-eager neighbour lights his house up like Blackpool illuminations. In the immortal words of Coca Cola, ‘Holidays are coming’…and it’s time to get organised.

In the run-up to Christmas, even the most efficient person’s ‘To Do’ list can spiral out of control. In addition to all the usual pressures of work and the desperate rush to go into the festive break with expenses submitted, emails filed and the Out of Office message set, there are also presents to buy and wrap, online food orders to be made, school plays to be attended and a million and one other seasonal duties.

So this year, do things differently – hire a Virtual Assistant.

Prioritise only those tasks you truly want to do and those that add the most value to your business and home life.

By hiring a Virtual Assistant you can quickly and effectively outsource all those niggly jobs that you mean to get around to, but never quite get time for. A VA can plan your travel to see family, research and buy those hard-to-find gifts, process that pile of receipts sitting forlornly on your desk and even set up new systems and processes which will help you to finally keep that New Year’s resolution to be more organised.

A VA can save your time, money and sanity, meaning that by the time you are asked the dreaded question ‘So, all ready for the big day?’, you can smile smugly and offer the offending individual a slice of homemade Christmas cake that you prepared weeks ago, safe in the knowledge that all your business and personal affairs are already filed, faxed and finished with the help of your Virtual Assistant fairy godmother – who has done everything except peel the sprouts…