Life hacks are the new black. Open Twitter or Buzzfeed and you’ll find thousands of ways to be more organised and turn you into an administrative ninja. As a Virtual Assistant, I am often asked by clients which tools, tips and tricks I would recommend to save precious time and effort for my clients.

But which ones are actually worth your time?

Below are five top productivity hacks that actually work to save you time, money and more importantly, sanity.

1. Track your time at work. We recommend Toggl – you’ll be shocked at how much time gets wasted throughout the day!

2. Schedule blocks of time for specific pieces of work. Google Calendar offers colour-coding options so you can see what needs to be done and when.

3. Schedule your social media posts in advance. Buffer is brilliant for this and ensures you will always have plenty of posts ready to go!

4. Use a password manager like LastPass for all your online accounts. Never click the ‘Forgot Password’ button again and cringe as you try to remember the name of your first cat for security clearance.

5. Book a free one-hour consultation with me to find out how to outsource your home and business admin. Admin support can free up time to spend on growing your business and save you endless hours of organising, sorting, filing and generally getting even more ‘hacked off’!