Top five tools for a paperless office.

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Everybody hates paperwork, right?

Since 2020, virtual working really has come into its own.

And yet, paperwork – actual physical documentation – still exists. People are still issuing hard copy contracts, putting documents in filing cabinets, and printing out slides and workbooks.

And so inevitably, most offices and home working spaces still have piles of paperwork gathering dust (and germs…) in cabinets, on desks, and across dining room tables the world over.

Added to that, paper isn’t sustainable as a resource, and we should all be using less of it.

But going paperless can seem daunting. How do you move from paper and pen to 100% digital without ending up buried under three feet of A4?

Never fear – with our top 5 tools (and a little help from one of our experienced Virtual Assistants!) you do just that.

  1. CamScanner – CamScanner turns your phone into a portable scanner, meaning you can quickly snap photos of all of your important documents, turn them into PDFs and file them electronically. Paper records are of course still important in some rare cases (solicitors, we’re looking at you) but for the majority of day-to-day documents, CamScanner does the job.
  2. Dropbox Sign – Make life easier for your clients by sending electronic contracts for digital signature. It’s simple to use, and completely secure.
  3. Google Drive – If you haven’t already, bin the filing cabinet and move to cloud storage. OneDrive and Dropbox offer a similar service, but Google Drive is the most user-friendly and intuitive option for storing all of your documents – and you get plenty of storage for just a few pounds per month.
  4. Google Forms – Use this tool to create fillable feedback forms for your courses and workshops (or ask a Virtual Assistant to do it for you!). You can send a link to delegates at the touch of a button, and set responses to be automatically collated into a spreadsheet.
  5. QuickBooks®– Clear away those faded, crumpled piles of receipts on your desk and switch to a cloud-based accounting platform like QuickBooks. You can log all of your expenses and add photos of receipts to every claim. Paper invoices can also be ditched this way, too!

Whether you’re keen to go paper-free as you return to the office post-pandemic, or you just want to spring clean your home office, our Virtual Assistants can help you get things in order.

Get in touch for a free consultation – and say goodbye to paper for good!